Gravity was defined by Sir Isaac Newton in his Principia and later by Einstein in his theory of General Relativity. Both explanations are different. Physicists use Einstein theory to explain the physics of large masses, whereas for the orbital motions of planets and trajectories of spacecrafts, Newton theory of gravity is used.

MP3 Recorder is a highly rated freeware program that is only available on Windows platforms. It gives you CD quality voice recording with an easy to use interface. This is really a very simple tool that anyone can start using without spending much learning time the way it works.

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Basically, Thompson feels “user fee regulations” hurt those who must take the IRS competency exam to be qualified to complete a tax return and received the valued Registered Tax Return Preparer’s status. She also feels it’s unfair to require fingerprinting for all tax preparers who want to use the e file system on behalf of their clients. E filing means tax preparers are required to apply for and obtain a PTIN or Preparer Tax Identification Number (another fee), however, according to the article, the IRS may stop using PTINs early in 2012 (Note: I couldn’t find anything saying the IRS was discontinuing PTINs but keep reading!).

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