What we look for : A player who likes to enjoy the game and raid in a relaxed environment while also putting in the time to perform well with their class. We don need legendary parses, but we are looking for players who can carry their own weight. Life comes first with us so while we do ask for 100% attendance, we understand this will not happen.

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Then, on Second Chances, picked off his opponents one by one and even left his perfect match Rashida wondering if she was safe. The Dirty 30 crew better be careful when making an alliance with, because he will pinpoint every weakness in order to conquer the game. Is often accused of playing with girls’ hearts to benefit from lust fueled alliances and let’s just say this Underdog knows how to work what he’s got.

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That’s when Williams decided to focus on his web based creation: Blogger. The user base of Blogger touched 1 million users in 2003. Williams parted ways with Google in 2004 and founded a startup podcasting company by the name of Odeo.based technologies since 1993.

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