black hole picture revealed for the first time

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So it a different beast. Investment bankers can afford to sacrifice a LOT to build up relationship, go to the buy side after 3 years and then enjoy a relatively normal life, but developers need to constantly sharpen up their skills just to survive. This with being a split shift either 6hours working with 6 hours rest (depending on overtime) or 4 hours working with 8 hours rest (which is rare) I can safely say that the reduced manning on ships and increased work load has stifled productivity.

I looked down and away from him to avoid eye contact and he says “You think you’re tough shit?” I didn’t respond so he starts walking toward us. Pepper spray in hand hidden in my pocket I just keep walking past him. “How much money you got?!” I didn’t answer to which he kept screaming at me about it and how I’m not tough and I’m too much of a little bitch to live in Chicago.

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