3.4 Moosehide Campaign initiative was supported by Council at the Committee of the Whole meeting April 11, 2016. The campaign was created by Paul Lacerte to honor his daughter Raven to raise awareness of the issue of violence against women and children. The goal of the Moosehide Campaign is to distribute one million Moose Hide squares across Canada to encourage people to stand up with women and children and speak out against violence towards them..

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canada goose store In the municipal development plan from 1997, the city introduced a new concept of green bicycle routes, envisioned to be a coherent network of cycle routes that, to the extent possible, will be off street routes through parks and other open green areas or, where this is not possible, to a limited extent along quiet streets with low traffic volumes. These routes are intended to be a supplement to the existing network centered around busy corridors with high volume vehicle traffic. In 2000 the city released a proposal for a network of 22 green bicycle routes with a total length of 110 kilometres (68 mi) at a total estimated cost of 500 million DKK.[28] As of 2012 around 40 km of network has been completed and the city is committed to completing the network in the coming years.[29] The city hopes that the recreational and enhanced safety qualities of this network will attract certain groups of the population that currently use cars on trips to and from work, especially those with a 5 10 km commute.[28] canada goose store.