Island Morning will be taking our show on the road and broadcast from the conference on October 4th.Jordan Perry’s family are big believers in bicycle helmets. Jordan died 18 months after he was in an accident without his helmet. This weekend, his mom Tracy will be giving a talk to people who were ticketed this summer in Charlottetown for NOT wearing theirs.

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canada goose outlet 5. Consider herbs when trying to get rid of bad breath with natural home remedies. Chewing a sprig of parsley, sage, coriander or fresh mint can serve as an immediate bad breath remedy and eating the leaves can help combat halitosis from within. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileParking lots and lawns in sections of Knowledge Park, the Corbett Centre and the Hugh John Flemming Forestry complex have been home to the birds for the past few years.The gaggle has grown this year with the addition of several goslings in the spring.Aaron Broad, a worker at Siemens in Knowledge Park, said there are at least two families of geese.”It was nice in the spring when they had all their babies here and there was all different ages. The babies had trouble with the curbs, so it was fun watching them learn to get over them,” he said.It’s all part of the daily goose commute, which sees the families march across busy streets, through shopping areas and across parking lots.But no amount of honking from either species can speed up the traffic jam when the geese decide to cross.”You have to wait for them when you’re driving,” said Broad.”They’ll just walk in front of you and take their time. They have no fear of the cars or anything canada goose outlet.