The Political Silly Canada Goose Outlet Season

We have reached that official canada goose outlet point in the election cycle called the Cycle. This is when no one actually knows anything, but chatter is canada goose outlet shop still required of both pols and pundits. The pundits are making up scary scenarios to try to keep the public interested. While the politicians and their minions are walking a cheap canada goose fine line between deception and Canada Goose Online mendacity.

The pundits want you to believe this is very close and you better pay attention or else you be blindsided when one candidate wins the popular vote and the other canada goose outlet canada the electoral vote. This is not likely to happen but uk canada goose is entertaining for political nerds. Although, it is still more fun to play the if? game of there being a tie in the electoral vote and the election canada goose outlet nyc being thrown canada goose uk outlet into the House to elect the President and the Senate to elect the Vice President.

Yes, that would be jolly. Imagine Pres Romney having to live with Joe Biden. Romney might demand a canada goose outlet reviews recount! canada goose outlet uk sale Or ponder Pres Obama trying canada goose outlet parka to hide Ryan. Though cheap canada goose to be fair, Romney is doing a fine job of hiding Ryan from public view in the swing states and trotting canada goose outlet him out only in the South to reassure the Tea Party folks that he (Romney) hasn forgotten them.

The politicians on both sides are also playing a deceptive game and trying to thread a very fine needle. They all buy canada goose jacket act very confident and assure their people that the momentum is going their way. They do have to encourage their own. However, canada goose outlet black friday they don want them to become complacent and not bother to vote, or for the more involved not bother to canada goose outlet store make calls and walk precincts. So they have to be confident and worried all at the same time.

The bottom line is that no one knows the outcome and most polling is within the margin of error. It may come down to Ohio, or maybe Wisconsin. The early vote canada goose uk black friday may canada goose outlet sale tip the scales or a day of bad weather could keep the less than fully committed from bothering to show canada goose coats on sale up. Then, of course, there will be, if it is close enough, the charges of fraud people and non citizens voting, as well Canada Goose sale as hanging chads and voting machines owned by political machines. This is indeed the political silly season. I love Democracy.