While Goldstein, over the years, has been vilified, satirized and marginalized, he has also been one of America’s more complex and interesting outlaws. His brushes with the law on First Amendment issues are legendary and significant. Even though he never had a case tried before the Supreme Court, he deserves at least the same cinematic treatment as Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler a magazine Goldstein inadvertently sponsored, in his telling Cheap Swimsuits, since Flynt repeatedly “poached my editors over the years.” (Then again, “I have always considered my employees to be like Kleenex meant to be used and discarded.”) Flynt had his Hollywood moment: after winning a free speech case before the Supreme Court, which stemmed from a legal altercation with Jerry Falwell, and getting shot and paralyzed by a would be assassin, he earned himself a critically acclaimed 1996 biopic directed by Milos Forman.

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