Power and Perceptions

According to Paul Elsam, within his book Acting Characters, ” part of the planning stage of acting, you should comb through your script to work out which types of power your character possesses. ” (2006, p.41). Within our performance canada goose outlet toronto factory power is a strong idea that is constantly fought for, or against, and ” is at the very heart of storytelling.” (Elsam 2006, p.37) Especially with my character of the Wild One, who spends the entire play fighting for freedom and fighting against the power of canada goose clearance sale the Mistress and the cage. The distribution of canada goose outlet online https://www.georg-godorr.de power is also very interesting within our performance as there is a hierarchy within the cage itself, and even though my character has an effect on the birds they rarely interact with The Wild One, making the power that my character holds within the cage interpretive and unclear from the outset.

Katie canada goose factory outlet Canada Goose Jackets Mitchell believes that before too much work starts on a performance you need to organise the information canada goose store about the text, and the world the play is set in,” what exists before the action of the play begins will help you map the physical, geographical and temporal certainties canada goose outlet store of the play cheap Canada Goose (2009, p.12). However not much is shown about the world of the play, the given circumstances are quite scarce within Campton’s play. Mitchell suggests making two lists about a performance, one of certain facts and one of questions that have been canada goose uk outlet brought up. The facts of Cagebirds as canada goose jacket outlet I can deduce are as follows:

The list of facts about Cagebirds is pretty small; a lot of what is put into the performance had to be the questions. Very little is given away about any existence of the world before or after the action of the play, so all the information has to be taken from the script. I couldn’t discover the reasons that Campton had my character behaving the way they did due to her past, so we were able to come up with our own concept about what has happened previously. “A concept is something that the director imposes on canada goose outlet jackets a play.

“For an actor, awareness of power can really help to clarify why your character behaves the way he does, and why others allow him to do so.” (Elsam 2006, p.41) so it was important that I found out the exact reasons why my character was behaving in the way they did. The first point was ” in plays often comes from a character losing, or gaining, social status” (Elsam 2006, p.20) so I canada goose outlet parka looked into this. For The Wild One her status is put into question from the minute she enters the cage. She refers to the place she was before and asks the mistress “Why have you brought me here?” Showing that canada goose outlet new york city the canada goose outlet Mistress had power over the character to make her do leave the place in which The Wild One felt happy. Therefore as TWO enters her canada goose coats on sale status is already impaired by the mistress.

There canada goose outlet are many different types of status, as Elsam says there are three types of status, social, verbal and physical, and ” you pull together the three types of status which a person uses have a pretty sophisticated understanding of that person, and your feelings towards them.” (2006, p.36) from this I tried to work out how my character felt about the other birds and how I should react to them. From Elsam’s six “types of power” I went through and worked out my character’s status, and this also helped with working out cheap canada goose uk how to perform certain extracts of the speech.

The six types of power as discussed by Campton are: ” Agreed Power power which a person is allowed to use as a result of their position within a culture Power power which a person uses to force another person to do something Power the power to supply something which is valued by another person Power power canada goose canada goose outlet uk sale which comes from having information or expertise which is needed by someone else Connection Power power which comes from being close to someone who has power Personal Power power which comes from a person’s attractiveness to others, because of their looks or their personality (Elsam 2006, p.38)

The clearest powers that my character posses are abuse power and knowledge power. The abuse power isn’t fully used by the Wild One, but she does try, she feels bad about trying to force Twitting to act as she tries to justify her actions “I wouldn’t force you to do anything might try to persuade you, but that’s different anyone is open to persuasion.” Shows that she is exerting this type of canada goose outlet sale power even if it is to no avail. The knowledge power comes mainly with the Wild One’s conversation with Twitting, but because my character posses the knowledge canada goose outlet uk of the outside world, it has a slight effect at different times over the other birds, especially during the speech about ” there, where the sun shines and the wind blows.” Where we showed this power by having the speech delivered subtly and yet having all the birds totally focused on the Wild One.