Long term Treasury bond rates are a function of market supply and demand. Bond investors expect to earn an interest rate that will exceed the expected rate of inflation for the term of the bond. The most widely followed longer term Treasury security is the 10 year note.

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It also requires students to complete general education and general psychology modules.The associate in applied science in early childhood education is a two year program at this college. This program trains students to work in nursery schools, head start programs, and public school classrooms. Apart from the course modules, certain general education modules also need to be completed.

Very cool about your grandfather, thanks for sharing! I currently live in Durham and we experienced one of these empty KKK threats about a year ago when a confederate statue came down and the KKK threatened to instigate a violent retaliation. Several buildings went on lockdown when individuals were spotted with rifles, but nothing ever reached the large anti KKK rally that was happening downtown. Their goal may have been to shut down Durham for a day, but a lot of people united against their brand of hate and declared racists are unwelcome here..

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