I thought America meant everything to me. It meant freedom. In America, I would live without being hungry. Countless examples could be offered, but here I will give only one, a favorite passages of mine from Love in the Time of Cholera, where Fermina Daza finds herself in the Arcade of the Scribes “a place”, we are told, “of perdition that was forbidden to decent young ladies.” Fermina nonetheless directs her steps to the Arcade: quote: “into the hot clamor of the shoeshine boys and the bird sellers, the hawkers of cheap books and the witch doctors and the sellers of sweets. ” (101). Her attention is drawn by a paper seller hawking “magic ink,” and after considering a rainbow of colors she decides on a bottle of gold ink to write her love letters to Florentino, whereupon she proceeds to the stalls of the candy sellers and chooses six of every kind of candy “six angel hair, six tinned milk, six sesame seed bars, six cassava pastries, six chocolate bars, six blancmanges earrings for women, six tidbits of the queen, six of this and six of that, six of everything” (101) until the colors and smells and tastes and sheer variety are said to cast a spell upon her. In these two paragraphs chock full of specific naming, and throughout Garca Mrquez’s work, such proliferating objects cast spells ice, magnets, the tapestries so real that the hens peck at the embroidered plants, the political enemy served for dinner like a suckling pig with an apple in his mouth, hair that won’t stop growing even after death; furthermore, these proliferating objects often signal prodigious appetites, or prodigious patience charms for bracelet, or prodigious evil, or any number of other prodigies.

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