Johny stands in the middle of a holotank. A variety of windows are around him, all open to show different video feeds, locations, maps, or tag clouds of associated data. He reaches one Canada Goose Online hand out, touching, then turning a window like a cube to change its channel. He turns to it fully, rotating it. He opens it, one side of it opening like a hinged door. He then reaches in, turning the cube inside out for yet more protocols.

A moment is spent as he flips through pictures.

Slither: Clad in a white dress, a coy smile as one hand holds a golden apple. Seven: A massive troll torso, naked and sweating, with a Question mark where the head should be.

Johny taps each image, highlighting the names as comcalls open up in new windows canada goose outlet toronto factory that cheap Canada Goose appear next to the images.

Silk: Meet me at Duchettes canada goose outlet reviews Field. Destination: Abakazistan. canada goose outlet black friday Personell: canada goose coats Slither, Seven().

Slither: Join Silk at Duchettes Airfield, Ute Sector. canada goose black friday sale Foreign deployment.

Seven: You want work. I have work. You want to run with the ‘big dogs’? Heres your collar. Duchettes Airfield, 2100 hours. Come dressed for travel. This is a non local offer. J Wulfson

Lilith gets the call. Immediately canada goose uk shop showers, changes, grabs her canvas gear back and rolls out. She grabs a taxi and heads out to the airport.

Julian shows up a half hour early, driving a beat up white bulldog van that looks like it’s seen better days. He follows directions until he finds a parking spot, then pushes open the door and hops out. He closes the door behind him and moves around to the back. Opening the rear doors, he hauls out two gigantic dufflebags that might have accommodated a small human with a modicum of comfort. He closes the doors, then hefts his bags, hauling them over to the muster area.

Silk gets the commcall, one hand moving lazily to silence the cooking show she is watching in order to listen. She sends her standard ‘I got the call, inbound’ canada goose uk black friday electronic message, moving to get ready. She rushes canada goose outlet around, taking a moment to make other preparations before packing the car with several selections of gear and heading towards Duchettes Field.

Upon arriving at Duchettes field, what one finds is not goose outlet canada exactly what one may think of when one thinks canada goose outlet parka of ‘big dogs’.

No private jet. No sleek sports cars. No wine and tea. canada goose outlet online uk No other vehicles are present.

Just an old man, currently pounding on the left wing’s aileron with a sledge hammer and bitching up a canada goose outlet storm in every language currently spoken in North America.

Silk slips out of her car, eyes going to the DC 3 and the old timer working on it. She raises an eyebrow, one hand lanquidly tossing her sunglasses back onto the front seat. She considers for a moment before nodding to Lilith, stepping forward with one waved hand to call out, “Excuse me, neighbor. I’m looking for a friend of mine, I was wondering if you might have seen him? A southern boy, tend to canada goose outlet jackets cuss a lot?”

Lilith snorts as she ambles up. “Aye, and an ugly bugger too.”

Julian steps up to the plane, joining the others gathered, giving them little more then a nod as he sets one bag down, fishing in his pocket for something.

One more strike by the wiry old man and the hammer slams the plane. The Flap though, slides then SLAMS in to position wiht a heavy clank. “HOOO HOOOOOOOO!” Says the old man, resting on the hammer now, looking down at the women. “Johnny boy done did say he was gunna send me a lotta tastey today, and cheap canada goose uk boy howdy! Boy done did send me a lot of tastey. Lemme see yer titties. Just once. Come on do an old man a favor”

Silk glances to Lilith, “I’ll let you field this one.” She canada goose factory sale smirks ever so faintly.

Julian finally retrieves what he was after, a canada goose outlet foil wrapped energy bar. He goes to work unwrapping it, tilting his goggled head up to the old man, watching him as he takes a big bite and starts to chew. He turns to Silk and Lilith and shrugs. He swallows and then speaks. “Don’t look at me I’m wearing a plated vest.”

Lilith gives the old man a close look, then arches her brow as she leans back. She thoughtnaw, not him. “Oh, thank you, miss.” She eyes the old fella again. “No.” The back to Kass with a faint smile. “See? Easy.”

The Old Timer with the hammer shrugs. “Yeah. He done said you’d done say that, too. Must know yall. Anyway, get on the damn plane. Stow canada goose outlet canada your gear and don’t be expecten no peanuts!” He starts to walk back down the wing to the Fusiliage.

Lilith laughs a bit and shoulders her bag, shaking her head as she meanders to the plan and starts to climb in.

Commlink Malus> Lilith says, “It’s not him, butoh, Johnny boy is always up to something.”

Silk remarks on the way to her car, the hood popping open. “Ah, he knows us all right.” She snags the pair of bags in there, one leather gym sized bag and the other a military grade duffle bag. She grunts, slamming the trunk and moving to get onto the plane.

Commlink Silk> Kassandra says, “Of course.”

Lilith grabs a book out of her bag before zipping it shut and stowing it. “Hey, old timer, how long’s the flight.”

Julian helps Lilith and Kass in, in a gentlemanly canada goose outlet uk fashion, if they request the help afterwards tossing his own bags in and climbing in smoothly. He finds a place to settle in and takes another bite of granola bar before reaching out to grab one of his bigs, unizipping it and rooting around inside official canada goose outlet.