The technology sector sometimes gets criticized for killing jobs by creating robots and algorithms to replace human labor. There is a new kind of work in tech that Facebook has made possible. Through this work, regular Americans without a computer science degree can actually make a really good living.

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cheap canada goose uk Jersey City Together, a multi faith social justice organization, isn’t counting $6 million the Board of Education says it will get from the sale of the district’s Board of Education office building.Dr. Jyl Josephson also claims the district is using $7 million in reserves to fund the budget, and she says the district estimated $27 million from the city payroll tax is $3 million off. Josephson, a member of Jersey City Together said $3 million of the payroll tax funding is going toward charter school funding.The school district announced earlier this month that it filled a $40 million gap by selling the district’s central office building for $6 million, using a projected savings of $7 million to the school district’s self funded unemployment insurance program and the infusion of $27 million from the payroll tax.Also, the group that spoke at the council meeting pointed out that approximately 100 of the 600 school staff members who were given pink slips last month have not had them rescinded.Jersey City school board announces plan to plug $40M budget holeThe Jersey City Board of Education say they can fill the $40 million budget gap.The Board of Education has said the cuts will not affect “classroom instruction and or day to day operations,” BOE officials said.Ella, a first grader from School 6, asked the City Council not to fire her music teacher, or any other teacher.”Please help our schools get more money so our teachers can stay next year,” said Ella.The children said they love their schools, but the problems are mounting: classrooms are too hot and have no air conditioning, toilets are broken, and there are mice.”School is like a second home cheap canada goose and we should keep it that way,” said Indira, a School 3 student.When it was the parents’ turn at the podium, Nancy Pokler checked off a list of issues at the schools, from lack of safe drinking water to the lack of nurses in some schools. cheap canada goose uk

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