The marches provided a balm for those eager to immerse themselves in a like minded sea of citizens who shared their anxiety and disappointment after Democrat Hillary Clinton’s historic bid for the presidency ended in defeat. Native. “I want her to know that she has a voice,” she said of her 3 year old daughter, Chioma, who was with her at the march.

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buy canada goose jacket McCain has now clearly stated his positions. Maybe it is time for Obama and Clinton to clearly state his policy positions. Obama has had alot of time TWENTY YEARS to think about what his “uncle” said. A strange destiny that of the extreme right; it is now against peace, development and social justice as central values. In a short space of time it will be against woman, and now it will be against young people.The second consideration. In fact, the main value of this campaign by young people is that it has put the political system in front of its responsibilities buy canada goose jacket.