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best hermes replica The multi camera setup on the new Oculus headsets should help alleviate that but the exact extent of which is yet to be seen until we have a lot of people put them through their paces. I not going to entirely trust Oculus to let people try anything that they haven vetted beforehand so we see how it fairs when it hits the greater VR game space. Doubtless it be better than WMR at least and I do think WMR is a good entry level to VR easily beating PSVR tracking relatively speaking.Plus they been continuing to innovate in the backend, implementing state of the art networking (which they opened to all developers) and machine learning based server side anti cheat (which they plan to open up within the next year) along with everything they done with VR, and maintaining Steam and their Big Three (and shipping Artifact).For a studio that employs only 360 people, Valve output is absolutely insane.I barely use my Steam Controller (and read many others who has done the same), the Steam Link barely sold much (which is why it was heavily discounted) (Edit: ok, wrong about that), and remember when Valve tried to enter the living room with those Steam Boxes?Edit: And to all the replies, yes, these products were all good turning points for tech that time best hermes replica.