Ok so when submitting my water pump instructable i saw the competion for paper coffee cups, this gave me some ideas but the closing date is the 9th yeti cup, today is the 9th (at 2.26am) so i dont have time to get hold of a bunch of paper coffee cups and i dont think it would be in the spirt of the thing just to get a load and waste them. So i have done some diagrams to demostrate my idea.when i was in school back when i was 16 years old i was asked to design a wind mill for charging batterys, it was a spectacular failure yeti cup, since then i have thought how it could be done much better. You will need to drill the holes to match up with your steel rod, they should be slightly larger so the rod fits in well.you then need to fold where the dotted lines are yeti cup, in part A you need to fold sections 1 together so they are at right angles to the base.then folder section 2 upright, it should it in the middle of the housing.in section C sections 1 and 3 should remain flat with section 2 at right angle to both of them.once this is welded in place, slide the housing over the rodStep 4: Prep and Attach the Wheelwe now need to prepare the bike wheel by taking the spindel out and replacing it with a slightly long rod and welding to the wheel so it doesnt spin independantly.now slid the rod in the housing, put a angled cog (45 degrees) on the side the generator is attached..

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