man dies after dominican republic trip

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Canada Goose Parka The focus is set to be in Mpumalanga this year as far as ANC politics is concerned.Mpumalanga premier David Mabuza election as ANC deputy president has much to do with this. Mabuza sprang a surprise while most people thought that the burden he carries of massive allegations of corruption in his government and political killings would thwart his chances.It is however noteworthy that Mabuza has never been charged or found guilty of any of the allegations that have followed him since he became a premier in 2009.After his election, Mabuza will stand down as provincial ANC chairperson. He may remain a premier until his term expires in 2019, but that will depend on whether President Jacob Zuma is recalled or not.Mpumalanga ANC is now bracing itself to elect a new leader following Mabuza nine year reign as chairperson.ANC members those in Mabuza camp are lobbying for Mpumalanga Safety and Security MEC Pat Ngomana to succeed him Canada Goose Parka.