People have asked me, “Didn’t you listen to Trump when he said that he would build a wall?” I didn’t take the idea seriously during the campaign. I knew he couldn’t get Mexico to pay it that’d be like asking Hurricane Harvey to foot the bill for rebuilding Houston and thought it was just talk: another candidate making big promises he couldn’t keep. I never thought it would actually happen..

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canada goose coats The big, charismatic mammals get all the ink. They get all the press, the gorillas and the rhinos and the tigers. Nobody’s thinkin’ about these little guys. Julia Toro, una abogada de Washington, dijo que le preocupa que las personas comiencen a abandonar el pas voluntariamente, incluso cuando tienen casos de asilo slidos. “Eso es lo que sucedi con el TPS”, dijo Toro, en referencia al intento fallido de la administracin de Trump de acabar con los programas que ofrecen proteccin temporal a inmigrantes de El Salvador, Hait, Nicaragua y Sudn. “No sabemos qu va a pasar, as que la gente necesita estar bien informada”.. canada goose coats

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